Renderfly offers flexible and interactive visual tools for sales prequalification. Some examples of what we can provide are interactive floorplans, interactive exteriors, animated 3D and story boarded short films, and time-lapse video.

Model Home Navigator
Save staff time and help prospects “find their fit” with our model home navigator. This tool is available as a Flash implementation, or as an iPAD app, or desktop/kiosk application. Navigate by elevation or room configuration.
Interactive Floorplans
Sales associates will minimize confusion and disputes at closing when they share “my house” tools with your clients. Minimize your printing costs at the same time you maximize customer service when clients leave your office with THEIR floorplan rather than one pulled from a box and covered with notations and changes.
Interactive Exteriors
Leverage your internet investment with tools to pre-qualify leads for your sales center. Your clients will be drawn to the power and freedom of exploring construction and upgrade options.
Animated 3D / Story-Boarded Short Films
Call Renderfly for simple animated “fly-over’s” and “walk-through” animations. We offer multimedia pieces that include graphics, text, music and voiceover’s. A short film will answer your client’s critical decision-making question in a way that a static image can never do.
Time-lapse Video
With your provided images from a time-lapse camera, Renderfly will compose a multimedia or interactive piece that incorporates this unique portrayal of construction with the continuity of your brand image.